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Candice Adams

Circuit Court Clerk

Candice Adams, DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk

The Circuit Clerk is a constitutional officer who is elected every four years by the voters of DuPage County. The duties and responsibilities of the Circuit Clerk are established by state statute, as well as by the Illinois Supreme Court, Administrative Office of Illinois Courts and Local Rules set forth by the Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit.

By law, the Circuit Clerk's primary function is to establish, maintain and keep all records of court and the court seal.

In addition to court related duties, the Clerk is responsible for a number of administrative, financial and public services.

Mission Statement

The Clerk of the Circuit Court provides for a consistent and responsible direction of recording and maintaining the legal events of cases in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. We strive for accuracy, completeness and timely records of court cases. Our goals are to operate with the highest degree of accuracy, integrity and efficiency as possible for the Citizens of DuPage County. A high degree of focus is on technology solutions to meet the increasing demands of access to court records by the legal community and public.