Order Court Documents Online

(Please note: i2File is a 3rd party vendor approved for e-filing by the Illinois Supreme Court) 

The Circuit Clerk's Office has partnered with I2File to provide copies of court documents. Please register with I2File, then click the appropriate link to request document copies.  

If you are an agency or an attorney user then please register with Clerk Restricted Information System. Click the appropriate link to request document copies.

Copy costs are the same for ordering online documents as they are for ordering documents in-person or through the U.S. Mail.

$2.00 for page 1
$0.50 cents per page from page 2 - 20
$0.25 cents per page thereafter
$6.00 per document certification 

Letters of Office -
1st copy free
$2.00 for each additional copy  

Certified copies of wills have a Certification page added. Please include one additional page into your calculation of copy fees.


Clerk Case History Restricted Information System

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